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Abrimix background

Our founder and Managing Director, Pieter Jansen, initially qualified as a metallurgist with Glencor,and has 26 years of experience in the water treatment industry. He worked for various water treatment companies where he progressed internally and eventually managed the water treatment divisions.

When it became obvious that the water industry required more innovative and effective treatment technology, Pieter left the water treatment field and focused on technology. He developed and patented the Abrimix marketed technology known as Reaction Enhancing (RE) Technology.

For the last 17 years he has developed associated equipment to improve on the benefits and results achieved with the utilisation of the RE technology. Abrimix is currently investigating the utilisation of this technology within various other potential applications.

Abrimix Vision

Redefining wastewater treatment by delivering systems that provide the results we promise. We like to call ourselves the A Team as we aspire to become the go-to provider for wastewater treatment technology across all industries.

Abrimix Mission

To eliminate and process inefficiencies and excessive operating costs by providing a modern technology which replaces existing, outdated technologies.

Abrimix Key Principals

Abrimix technology utilises key principles of engineering and chemistry to achieve the desired results.

Engineering: The technology provides remarkably high rates of mixing, in the order of Re > 20 000 from which additional benefits are derived.

Chemistry: The technology utilises an elevated pressure environment of > 200 kPa to increase the rate of reaction to achieve the end point required rapidly for the particular function required within the process.

The combination of the two key principals has enabled Abrimix to successfully achieve the results consistently whilst outperforming equivalent conventional marketed equipment as shown within the examples of various application results achieved by Abrimix.