Cost Effective. Efficient. Transparent

Key Differentiators

1. The process is actively controlled and driven to completion

2. The Abrimix process is not sensitive to variable flows or to water solids loading variations.

3. It is versatile in dealing with water quality variations

4. The contaminant separation and reaction rates are increased to achieve the end point rapidly

5. The process is easily controlled and adjusted to achieve the end result consistently and rapidly

6. The treatment process is robust and easy to operate

7. The Abrimix process utilises less reagents to achieve the required end point water quality

8. The Capital and Operational costs is less than that of a conventional equivalent treatment process

9. Has a small footprint compared to equivalent conventional treatment plant process

10. The Abrimix treatment process can be totally automated and controlled remotely with ease

11. Provides for water security and reduces costly local authority water supply